Wastewater Treatment Facility & Pump Station Improvements – Billerica, MA

Waterline worked nearly two years on this project at the Wastewater Treatment Facility at Letchworth Ave. in Billerica, Massachusetts and several pump stations throughout the town.

The work consisted of the following:

  • Replacement of the mechanical, electrical and control components of three existing 60-foot diameter secondary clarifiers.  Demolition of three 40-foot diameter secondary clarifiers, including all structural, mechanical, electrical and control components.  Construction of a fourth 60-foot diameter secondary clarifier, including all structural, mechanical, electrical and control components.
  • Replacement of the existing Return Activated Sludge Pumps, Scum Pumps, associated piping, instrumentation, HVAC and Plumbing, Electrical components, and Structural Components of the Sludge Recirculation and Wasting Building.
  • Demolition and replacement of all mechanical equipment within the Chlorine Contact Tank, as well as replacement of the feed pumps for the chlorination and dechlorination systems.
  • Demolition and replacement of the Process Return Pumps, piping , valves, electrical and controls within  the existing concrete wet well of the Process Return Pump Station.
  • Demolition and replacement of the Plant Water strainers, sump pumps, piping, valves, electrical and controls within the Operations Building.

Work at Ilford Road Pump Station, Lake Street Pump Station, Marshall Street Pump Station, Monson Street Pump Station, Nashua Road Pumps Station and Richardson Street Pump Station consisted of:

  • Replacement of pumps, standby generators, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and some instrumentation and controls and control equipment at Ilford, Lake and Nashua Road Pump Stations.
  • Retrofit of Marshall Street Pump Station and Monson Street Pump Station into a submersible pump station, including installation of submersible pumps, and replacement of all mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and some instrumentation and control equipment.
  • Replacement of the existing pumps, relocation of the existing standby generator, providing a new diesel-driven backup pump, as well as approximately 300 feet of existing gravity sewer upstream of Richardson Street Pump Station with a larger diameter sewer.